Website Design

Here at That Media Group we can help design and deliver product packaging design that suits you and your business. Packaging your product effectively is important, this is what can set you apart from a competitor and make all the difference.

In such a digital age it is important to have a strong online presence.

Research has shown that at least 85% of people Google search a business or store before going to it, therefore, going digital is a vital component in staying relevant and competitive.

Creating a clear and well-designed website can be the digital marketing detail that sets you apart from your rivals and will allow you to reach more existing and potential clients than if you were solely on the high street.

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Bespoke Website Development Solutions

Setting up a website for your business can be helpful in attracting potential clients and can create an easy process to understand your business's products/services. We can handle this whole process for you from the layout to the graphic design and content.

We can work with you to understand what you want to achieve, what kinds of things your audience and customer base resonate with, and assist with design branding to get your digital marketing strategy on point.

That Media Group has helped countless businesses future-proof their internet visibility. We deliver tailored web design projects to suit you and your needs. In-house professional designers specialise in handling all of the technical intricacies to design a compelling and striking website that will fit in with your brand, ethos, and identity.

You’ll be glad you’ve got That Media Group on board because we’re the perfect combination of beautifully designed graphics for the website to reflect your brand, with the geeky technological know-how to get your ecommerce store, local business, or global project up and running without a glitch.

Web Design With Marketing Know-How

Our customers recommend us because we offer far more than your run-of-the-mill web design agency. This is custom web design with design thinking and business development at heart.

With experience in creating hundreds of bespoke company web design projects, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, brand development, logo design and strategy management, That Media Group delivers unrivalled service for any client that chooses to contact us for our web design solutions.

User Experience & Lead Generation

Modern websites should deliver a fantastic experience for the user, as well as Google and other search engines.

We can help you understand the goal of web design for your business and of course, execute an easy-to-use company website so you can dominate the web local areas near you, as well as the larger UK market online.

Our web design solutions and ongoing support can help you generate real customers, develop relationships and qualified leads with your site. Successful websites should be easy to navigate, easy to find, professional and set up to get potential customers to contact you or purchase your services.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Web Design

The modern world is mobile. It's no secret that the majority of users browse and navigate the web on  devices via apps, browsers and social media platforms. Ensuring that your site and content are delivered on the web in such a way that users can easily navigate on their preferred device is essential.

When your ideal customer performs a Google search on their phone and stumbles across your site, your website should load instantly and key information should be simple and easy to interpret.

Feel free to call and talk to us today about your business web design goals.

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