SEO Optimisation

Websites are more than just great design. Ensuring your webpages are Search Engine Optimised means you'll be seen online.

Search Engine Optimisation. Driving clients to your website, even when you aren't.

If a Google search matches you to 500,000 results, then how do you ensure that your website is listed on page one, and not on page 71?

Building your businesses web presence is more than just good design. Our 'back of house' expertise ensures that time is spent curating and optimising your digital pages so that they successfully rank with Google listings, as well as other search engines. By using a range of digital marketing tools, we are able to research, rank and understand the key parameters needed in order for you website to be a success. 

Our SEO campaigns aim to benefit the key areas of your website and business in order to generate much more than traffic. Optimising your website design and content to be search engine ready, developing website Meta Data and Titles and understanding the appropriate keywords your clients are actually searching for (and how often).

That Media Group take the time to understand your goals and deliver the best SEO service possible to gain an advantage over your competitors in search.

What is SEO Optimisation?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and is one of the foundations of sustainable success in digital marketing.  

SEO is the practice of ranking business websites and webpages higher in search engines such as Google. Various strategies are used to climb in organic search, meaning more organic traffic for your business, sales and brand awareness.

Google (and other search engines) use a variety of ranking factors to decide which pages and websites will show up first in the search results. For example, if you search ‘SEO Agency’ or ‘SEO company UK’, Google and other search engines have a number of ranking factors to decide which websites are shown and in what order.

Why is SEO Important?

As organic search is usually the primary source of traffic for a website. Optimising your website for SEO is instrumental in generating leads, driving sales, building trust and sustained traffic. 

  • SEO offers long lasting results for a business
  • It can be cheaper than other paid strategies
  • It encourages users to take action on your website
  • Search optimisation builds trust and reliability with your audience
  • SEO yields impressive ROI 

Good search engine optimisation will deliver results for years. As a digital marketing strategy, SEO will convert more efficiently than most. 

Paid advertising and social media advertising campaigns are amazing for providing results much faster but will rely upon continual investment if you want to keep receiving website traffic. 

Being able to receive consistent, organic search traffic is one of the benefits of SEO.

As users will use search engines to find products or businesses with the intent of making a purchase or an enquiry into services, That Media Group can ensure you have strong visibility in the right places.

Our SEO Optimisation Services

As a leading SEO agency, our strategies are focused on bringing you the best and most sustainable results to help grow your brand. 

SEO Audit

One of the foundations for any successful SEO campaign is a full site audit. Keeping your house in check before making extensive on-page or off-page changes is the right way to begin. 

An audit will discover any potential issues and gaps in your SEO optimisation that may stop your website from ranking well on search engines.

Keyword Research

Advanced keyword research is so important.

Choosing the wrong keyword phrases to focus on can mean missing out on sales, leads and potentially huge traffic numbers. Discovering the right keyword opportunities to optimise for can deliver big results for your business.

Strategy & Consultancy

Our SEO expertise will prepare an in-depth strategy to focus your SEO optimisation efforts.

Based on comprehensive research, our SEO consultancy begins with learning about your brand and ensuring that our campaigns are aligned with your business goals. Our own advanced research paired with defined implementation guidelines will give you a clear path for SEO success.

Local SEO

How will potential customers find your business online? Local SEO is one of the best ways to boost web presence in your area.

Advertising locally offers high visibility in key areas with a low cost. Local search opportunities are often overlooked by many websites, but maximising your local rankings is crucial for ranking highly. Want to dominate the UK or any area of your choosing? Just let us know.

Copywriting & Content Creation

Content is king. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.

The importance of content marketing cannot be understated. Relevant and quality content is amazing ‘Google food’, and also increases your brand awareness and authority.

We will identify content gaps and opportunities for you, as well as creating high quality content for your users and search engines alike.

Link Building

Amazing site content can be leveraged with outreach and high-quality links.

Backlinks are still one of Google’s main ranking factors for a website. A healthy and natural link profile sends out the right signals to let search engines find you and rank you for the right keywords.

Competitor Analysis

There is no ‘one size fits all’ for SEO. Competitive analysis proves this.

Our competition research will allow us to discover how other sites and businesses in your niche are performing and more importantly, what SEO strategies have contributed to their success. 

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