What if you could have design and marketing expertise on hand when you need it?

You're a growing business looking for a little help on a project or ongoing basis to help with regular requests.

Perhaps you're looking for a sounding board for ideas, someone to see things from a fresh perspective, help you shape ideas and move things forward.

Our advanced package provides you with 1:1 time each week for us to define direction and help you take action. Most popular with growing businesses and small teams who want access to specialist support without the cost of hiring a member of staff.

small business and startup marketing consultants - offering business support packages, startup support, startup marketing and more

Transparent pricing and no commitment

We've designed our packages to be transparent and simple. No lengthy contracts of complexities, you've got complete clarity on timing and pricing, with a rolling monthly commitment.

Clients love the flexibility of our packages, allowing you to switch on, switch off, turn up or down to suit the needs of you and your business.

Over time, we get to know you, what you need and how you work which allows us to get more efficient in our delivery as time moves on - Just one of the reasons why clients choose to stay with us.

The winning combination

Delivered by Kevin, our founder and creative director, our support packages combine his design background and strategic marketing skillset, helping you to create and develop strategies to meet your goals, but also supporting and providing the practical steps to achieve the results.

A combination of planning and hands on delivery - we provide the design and marketing team member you've been looking for to move your marketing, brand and design projects forward.

We’ve worked with hundreds of teams over the years, planning, designing and delivering results.

Since we started in 2007, we've worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes across a vast range of industries. As you grow, so do we, which is why we're committed to your success.

From kitchen table startups, inventors, consultants and larger organisations who need an experienced sounding board with a fresh perspective, we're here.

With no long term commitment, we're interested for you to see what we can achieve together in the next month.

Added Expertise

Providing the ideal blend of design, marketing, and commercial expertise for your growing business.

Efficient Delivery

The combination of winning ideas and experienced project delivery allows us to deploy projects efficiently and effectively.

Increased Flexibility

Quick to get started and easy to scale with no fixed contracts or complexity, our support grows as you do. 

Join the Advanced package

  • £1040+VAT per month
  • 16 hours of support to use over the month
  • Automatically renews each month
  • Rolling monthly contract
  • Cancel any time
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"The team provides us excellent insight and recommendations around all out projects and designs are always flawless and high quality. Thank you for the fantastic service."

Amy | Solder Connection

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