Print & Production

Together with our network of print experts and partners, we have years of experience turning artwork into finished articles. Exhibitions, sales materials, large format, digital print and promotional items - we've got it covered.

We design, we develop and we deliver the finished products thanks to our network of production experts.

Working directly with manufacturers and print specialists, we deliver marketing material, exhibition products, signs, displays and promotional products, in addition to traditional paper based print using both digital and lithographic technology.

With over 15 years in the print industry, client love our ability to deliver projects start to finish, saving them time and hassle by managing the entire process.

Our 6 Step Process

We Listen

Step 1 - Empathise

Conversation, questioning and research to develop an understanding of the situation and the users involved.

Step 2 - Define

Using the research to build an understanding of pain points and challenges, focused on the client or user perspective.

We Create

Step 3 - Generate Ideas

Developing a range of possible solutions and direction for exploration. Questioning the current approach and looking at multiple new ways the challenge could be solved.

Step 4 - Prototype

Developing concepts and working models in order to visualise the potential solution and prepare for testing.

We Deliver

Step 5 - Test

Working with users and data, collating feedback and iterating to improve and evolve the concept and direction.

Step 6 - Implement

Turning the refined prototypes and testing into actionable, deliverables to implement the change.

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"Having tried to contact several local print agencies, we were highly impressed with That Media Group’s approach. I would highly recommend Kevin and his colleagues to deliver a reliable and highly professional service."

Ele Power | Gloucester Cathedral

Brochures & Leaflets

Tactile marketing materials often used to support the sales process and aid the customer journey. Small orders with fast turnaround to complex orders with national delivery. A vast range of paper stocks and production options to choose from.


From backdrops and displays to roller banners, promotional merchandise and more. We're a leading supplier of tension fabric systems, becoming a preferred alternative to pop up displays given their versatility and ability to change graphics whilst reusing hardware.

Signage & Display

Pavement signs to external shop fronts, window graphics and vehicle vinyl. Sourcing directly from the manufacturer, our comprehensive range of signage and display products coupled with our print solutions, provides solutions for promotions and brand awareness.

Promotional Products

Reinforce your brand and support your message through carefully chosen promotional products that reflect and support your business. Ideal for events and strengthening the customer journey. We also deliver a growing collection that supports greener and more sustainable choices.

Outdoor Media

Partnering with the UK's leading outdoor media channels, we provide billboards, radio and mainstream media advertising opportunities to grow your audience. Tailored by region, demographic and more - there's a wealth of opportunity to make use of outdoor media to increase exposure and access your audience.

Business Cards

The staple of business interaction, available in a range of formats, materials and print options for an impact that reflects you, your organisation and positions your brand. Express UK delivery and low order qualities make us a popular choice for both small businesses and larger organisations with networks of sales teams.

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