Design Thinking

Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes, and strategy. Design Thinking encourages a new perspective - helping you to unlock potential, increase efficiency and offer clarity as to where you’re headed next.

What is design thinking and what can it do for us?

It's the way we work here at That Media Group. It's a 6 step process designed to question the current approach, support innovation and unlock new opportunities.

We help to champion a new perspective; internal processes, client experience, development of new products or services. We work with you and your team to challenge misconceptions, preconception and bias to arrive at innovate solutions to overcome your challenges.

If you're struggling to make change, define a problem or optimise a process, we're here to help.

Our 6 Step Process

We Listen

Step 1 - Empathise

Conversation, questioning and research to develop an understanding of the situation and the users involved.

Step 2 - Define

Using the research to build an understanding of pain points and challenges, focused on the client or user perspective.

We Create

Step 3 - Generate Ideas

Developing a range of possible solutions and direction for exploration. Questioning the current approach and looking at multiple new ways the challenge could be solved.

Step 4 - Prototype

Developing concepts and working models in order to visualise the potential solution and prepare for testing.

We Deliver

Step 5 - Test

Working with users and data, collating feedback and iterating to improve and evolve the concept and direction.

Step 6 - Implement

Turning the refined prototypes and testing into actionable, deliverables to implement the change.

Unsure whether design thinking can help you solve your challenge?

Book a free 15 minute call with us.

"Kevin is unfailingly so helpful, friendly with a knack for problem solving. I would highly recommend."

Susan | Impact Trading

Customer Journey Mapping

It's vitally important to understand the journey your client is taking. From their first awareness of you to the point they recommend you to multiple friends and colleagues. Clarity on this creates a range of opportunities for optimisation.

Diversification & Repositioning

With the needs of clients and demands of the market changing faster than ever, the ability to adjust and change direction has never been more important. We help to give clarity on your current standing, identify opportunities and support you making the change.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Reviewing the way you do things, especially after periods of growth or change can be a great time to review and optimise processes. If the way you handle calls, enquiries, complaints or process a project is causing stresses within the team, we can help.

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