Marketing Strategy

Having the right marketing strategy in place can be the difference between a businesses success or failure. It's the design thinking, the big picture, the marketing approach. It can be exciting to get stuck in with the detail and actions, but vitally important to think big picture, developing a strategy that aligns with you future plans and commercial goals. 

Develop your marketing strategy plan & achieve your goals.

Following a great marketing strategy is often the key to the success of any business. Without a marketing strategy, you can lack focus. Without focus, you can quickly follow a tangent that fails. Failure to plan is almost always planning to fail.

We are often contacted by businesses with very specific marketing requirements, and our first question is normally 'Why are you doing this?'

Taking a step back and looking at big picture strategic thinking should be the first step of creating any marketing communications  customers. 

At That Media Group our 15 years of experience ensure that we are here asking the right questions. Taking stock of where you are, planning your marketing strategy and aligning to your business needs and budget, rather than by what others are doing. 

Our team are here to support you map direction - understanding customers, marketing and sales channels, messaging and relevant customer markets, so that you make marketing decisions that are right for your business. 


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Marketing Strategy Support

In order to build a solid marketing strategy for your brand, it is vital to know exactly who your business is, who your target audience are and what your brand's USP's are.

Who your target audience is will impact many important decisions that you need to make, from language to pricing, right through to the messaging you use and marketing channels you choose to promote your products or services on.

Our experienced marketing team help to guide you through the process to understand where your business is at, in order to implement where you need to be.

Marketing Strategy Plan

Understanding what your business is looking to achieve from your marketing is the first step. Once you know who you are it's time to establish where your marketing needs to be, and the parameters that you have as a business.

We'll support you with your marketing budget, your social media platforms, your overall marketing campaigns and your long term marketing plan.

More than just graphic designers, our team have over 15 years of experience as business owners and hold MBA Masters degree in business. We look at your business as a whole picture, and how marketing supports your brand to get to where it needs to be. When it comes to marketing strategies that work, our team know their stuff.


Marketing Plan

The team at That Media Group help map out and plan your marketing strategy, whether it be for single campaigns or for long term strategic thinking.

Whether it be a fresh start of in line with existing branding, we've supported businesses over the years with social media content and scheduling, client interaction, creating brand guidelines, redesigns and product relaunches, Ecommerce website designs, supported the implementation of payment processing systems and administration overhauls. We've even attended Trade Shows with business startups to help guide their marketing and communication. 

Whatever the challenge, our team are here to support your marketing strategy, and above all your business growth.

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