Brand & Identity

We can help ensure you present your brand well with incredible logo design and portray the message you want to communicate with your audience effectively.

Develop your brand identity & show off your USP.

Your business is dynamic, interesting, full of personality and USP's. Harnessing your businesses attributes to develop your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors, showing off who you are as a company and demonstrating your inherent culture and values.

Our graphic designers have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years and produced many designs, each design unique in its approach and concept, allowing us to evolve and create dynamic branding, logo design and business identities that are unique as your business. We look to make the most out of your budget to suit your project, building on your marketing and graphic design goals with you to support your business message.

Brand Development

Developing your brand identity takes time and thought.

Your business brand is your story. It tells your client who you are and what you stand for. Let’s create together your business branding and how it drives your website design, business photography, marketing strategy and overall business plan holistically. This is how you and our graphic designers can tell your clients about who you are, through creative graphic design.

Everything about you as a company tells a story. If you are moving forward or you want to show clients a different side to who you are, get in touch now to find out more about how our team of graphic designers develop brands in throughout the UK.

Logo & Brand Design

Brand Logo Design - but what's the difference? Your branding looks at the overall look, feel, and ethos of your business, which comes across in many ways. One key way your message is communicated is through the design of your business logo.

When you start a business, one of the first things you’ll want to sort out is your logo design and image. Your logo is an image should be able to withstand the test of time and be representative of your business, in line with your businesses identity and branding. At That Media Group, our graphic designers and marketing team have 15 years of experience in logo and brand design, providing solutions for branding for customers throughout the UK.

Custom Business Logo Design to Support Your Brand

At That Media Group, our graphic designers work with you to identify who you are as a brand and what defines you as a business. We take time to consider your brand's USPs. We explore your businesses target audience and who you are competing against. Armed with this branding knowledge, we're able to produce concept design projects and potential direction for key areas such as your business logo, incorporating your brand values to best reflect your company.

If you look at the M of our logo, each of the four strands of colour represents the four different divisions of the services our graphic designers, printers, marketing experts and digital marketing support. The logo image and colours of the logo are vibrant and stand out – because we as a business want to help all ambitious businesses to flourish.

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