Motion Graphics

Here at That Media Group we can help design and deliver product packaging design that suits you and your business. Packaging your product effectively is important, this is what can set you apart from a competitor and make all the difference.

Here's a summary of his descriptions. We cant use them as they are - but can re-word and combine them into something:

  • Digital Marketing Graphics

    This includes social media, advertisements, and web graphics. Wheather you offer a product or service, my marketing background let's me not only create the graphics, but helps with planning and distribution.

  • Explainer Videos

    Explain complex ideas and solutions with motion graphics using abstract representations and character animations to tell your story and educate the viewer. I can storyboard, design and animate explainer videos.

  • Branding & Logo Animation

    Show more of your brands personality with an animated logo. I can plan, animate and format logo animations.

  • Social Media Graphics

    Grab attention and increase engagement on all social platforms with motion graphics. I can plan, design and animate social posts for any platform.

  • Events & Presentations

    Motion graphics for events, conferences and presentations. I can help plan, create and setup motion graphics for events and presentations.

  • Animation Over Video Footage

    Compositing graphics over live footage can be used to add impact to a moment, highlight an important area and drive the story. I can design, animate and composite VFX.

Sample Image

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