Increasing Operational Efficiency

  • Increase efficiency
  • change your processes
  • process redesign
  • maximise output
  • do things differently
  • business has grown and needs processes/practices to be redesigned
  • Not doing things very efficiently and need to change it up
  • Balancing greater effectiveness and greater efficiency
  • Things are better when they work well - people enjoy work more, it makes for a better business
  • Can use software to streamline things to help
  • Leaky bucket idea - you fill up with more customers and then loose loads in all the gaps in your process
  • automation
  • systems and processes rather than just needing more man power
  • the quest to do things better
  • It's worth taking a step back to look at the business
  • Working 'on the business' rather than just getting stuck 'in the business'.


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