Supporting Bridgend College with Big Ideas Wales

Big Ideas Wales - Role model workshops

After a difficult few years complying with Covid regulations, January has been packed with fantastic Big Ideas Wales workshops, designed to support under 25's across Wales challenge the idea of what it's like to be their own boss and provide mentorship to Wales' future entrepreneurs.

An advocate for giving back - our Founder and Creative Director, Kevin Mansell-Abell, has been a Role model for Big Ideas Wales for 12+ years. This week, he's been supporting Bridgend College's Hair and Beauty students, opening up dialogue to inspire them to think about their futures. Over an hour session, Kevin and the students covered a range of subjects including:

- Pricing of products/services and predicting big spends

- Accounting for business and tracking costs

- Building a portfolio of work and how best to present it

- Using booking systems effectively.

Drawing upon his own experience as a business owner for nearly 15 years, and having been winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 himself, Kevin is able to bring a unique and inspiring perspective to the classroom, that cannot always be achieved by an educational institute's Careers Advisors.

Following a successful session, Kevin is being welcomed back later this month to meet again with students, and tackle business forecasting.

If you are interested in organising a workshop with Kevin and the Big Ideas Wales team, visit the Big Ideas Wales website for more information.

We are excited to continue to support Wales' young persons to success. As part of our commitment to supporting startups we continue to offer our own giveback programme. More information can be found here.

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