North Devon District Free Marketing Support

We've teamed up with Node Coworking to offer North Devon District businesses and startups £240 worth of FREE marketing support.

FREE Marketing support for your North Devon District business

Whether you're a startup or an existing business based in North Devon District, take advantage of 4 hours of fully funded marketing support from That Media Group, to help you take action and achieve your goals.

In partnership with Node Cowork Barnstaple, Our free 4 hour marketing support package provides you with 1:1 time to define direction and help you take action.

What could you achieve with expert design and marketing expertise on hand?

You might be a small business looking for a little help on a project. Perhaps you're looking for a sounding board, someone to see things from a fresh perspective, help you shape ideas and move things forward.

4 hours of free marketing support provides you with 1:1 time for us to map direction and help you take action.

The winning combination

Lead by Kevin - That Media Group's Founder and Creative Director, our free support plan combines his design background and strategic marketing skillset, helping you to create and develop strategies to meet your goals, but also supporting and providing the practical steps to achieve the results.

A combination of planning and hands on delivery - we provide the design and marketing team member you've been looking for to move your marketing, brand and design project forward.

We’ve worked on 3,450+ projects over the years, planning, designing and delivering results.

Since we started in 2007, we've worked with businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes across a vast range of industries. As you grow, so do we, which is why we're committed to your success.

Whether it's supporting startups, health boards, B Corps or international brands, we're used to hitting the ground running to bring Design Thinking and a fresh perspective.

We're interested for you to see what we can achieve, together.

Added Expertise

Providing the ideal blend of design, marketing, and commercial expertise for your growing North Devon business or startup.

Efficient Delivery

The combination of winning ideas and experienced project delivery allows us to deploy projects and support efficiently and effectively.

Costs Covered

In partnership with Node Coworking, we are to be able to offer a fully funded marketing support package to North Devon District businesses, worth £240!

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  • Worth £200+VAT
  • 4 hours of expert marketing support
  • Marketing, strategy and planning
  • Design, creative and implementation
  • Existing businesses & startups in North Devon District
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"Kevin has great industry insights and amazing advice that you can action."

Meg Lewis

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