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Logo Design

logo design and development together with brand guidelines for identity from that media group
Castlegate logo design for recuitment company by That Media Group near Chepstow
that media group help you to choose a name for your business

When you start a business, one of the first things you’ll want to sort out is your logo design. Your logo should be able to stand the test of time and be representative of your business identity.

What's the difference between a logo and a brand? Your brand looks at the overall look, feel and ethos of your business, which comes across in many ways. One key way your brand is communicated is through your logo.

At That Media Group, we work with you to identify who are and what defines you as as a business (your unique selling point). We explore who exactly you are trying to attract (target audience) and who you are competiting against (competition). Armed with this knowledge, we're able to produce concept designs and potential direction for your logo. Incorporating your values to best reflect your business.

If you look at the M of our logo, each of the four strands of colour represents the different divisions of the services we offer. The colours are vibrant and stand out – because we as a business want to help your business to stand out.

We've working with hundred of clients over the years in a vast array of industries, creating uniquely crafted identities that have built their businesses.

Logo design packages start at £99 plus VAT. Get in touch to arrange an appointment and to get started.

Need your logo designed or revamped?
Whether you're just starting out and need a logo, or want your existing logo smartened up, we can help.

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logo design and development together with brand guidelines for identity from that media group
printed promotonal promo items in chepstow and newport from that media group
business card and logo design from that media group near chepstow
Sunwise Brochure Design Concepts by That Media Group Near Chepstow

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Your business is your baby. And like a baby, it needs nurturing and guiding to grow into its full potential. As business people, we relate to you. We know what it’s like. And we care as much as you do, and genuinely want to see you succeed. Wherever you are on your business journey, we can walk with you to help your business excel through our creative partnership, and our tailored packages to suit what you need.

Launch your business

You’ve got an idea, you want to launch your business – where next? The early days are crucial to your business success, and starting strong can make the difference between success and failure.

Grow your business with design and print package from that media group near chepstow

Grow Your Business

Have you been going for years, and want to freshen up your brand? Or perhaps you’ve found one particular aspect of your business is going really well so you’d like to reposition your business accordingly.

strategy and planning including content creation for twitter facebook and linkedin from that media group

Social Media

More and more people use social media as their main means of communication, not only to family and friends, but to businesses and services. Maxamise its impact with our help.

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