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What is great design?

Is it just a matter of opinion? What makes great design the appeals, entices and excites the audience? We look at what goes into every design challenge we undertake.

We all have our favourite logos; whether we are drawn to the clever colour schemes, appreciate the clever subtleties that communicate the brand message, or the eye-catching font that speak volumes. Unfortunately, we can also think of our least favourite logo, and wondered, what on earth were they thinking?!

Here are our top thoughts on what makes for great design:

1. Clever colours

Not all colours are created equal, and not all colours should be used in all situations! Think about who you are, what you are trying to communicate, and what mood you want to put your clients in. Psychedelic pink and turquoise would hardly be appropriate for funeral directors, would they?! Equally, we’re on a rage against beige, because you and your business were born to stand out among the crowd, not blend into the background. We want to make sure your colours reflect your vision.

2.Top typo

A common error among fledgling businesses going it alone is to use lots of different fonts, creating a confused look. Marketing Director Jen recently counted all the different fonts used by a not-for-profit sporting organisation – going on for ten! Hardly a strong brand recognition, is it!? You’d instantly be able to recognise the distinctive fonts of organisations like Disney, Adidas, or Google. With a specialism in design typography, TMG Creative Director Kevin knows a standout font when he sees one. 

3. Strategic thinking

Sure, it may look nice, but what does it actually say about you? It’s no good choosing a pretty flower for your logo design if it has absolutely no relevance to your business. Equally, we’ve all seen clichéd logos that are way too obvious and lack imagination or subtlety. Getting the balance right of thinking about your business and the message you want to communicate, whilst avoiding overly obvious and already-been-done logos, is what great design is all about.

4. Simples?

Most importantly, don’t try to put too much into one place. Over-cluttering is one of the most common design faux pas. As they say, less is more, and if you’re trying to say too much through your design you’ll lose the impact and dilute your message. Think about the one or two key points from your design that you want to communicate your clients, and make this your focus.

You can trust our team of award-winning designers at That Media Group. We not only create strategic, well thought out logos with a difference, we design any number of artworks, posters, or logos which is not just another piece of promotional material, but truly a piece of art. It’s not just what we do, it’s the way we do it. But don’t just take our word for it – hear what Marcus Sighting has to say about TMG’s great design.

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