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Talking?...Start Doing

We all have ideas, in life and in business, but how do you put them into action? January is the best time to stop talking and start doing.

How do we get that idea into action, you know, that idea or project that kept cropping up in 2015 but never quite happened? Things, projects, tasks or events get in the way of getting it underway.

But January is a great time, with a new year and a fresh start back, to make the ideas from 2015 happen in 2016. This is your year. To help you get ahead in 2016, here's our 3 top tips for making things happen:

  1. Take a step back and take stock. it may seem simple, but it's true. We all get caught up in the momentum and flurry of work that the bigger picture gets lost. Time away from the office, shop or workspace allows you to clear your head and look at your business or project with fresh eyes - establishing where you are now.
  2. Think ahead - where you want to be in 365 days. A lot can happen in a year, more than you may think. Based on your idea, where would you like to be this time next year, how will your project be operating, what will the goal look like? Will you have a new store? Different types of customers? More customers? Work out what your goal is.
  3. Set Manageable, bite sized tasks. Rome wasn't build in a day, and neither will your ideal be, but breaking it down into manageable chunks will make it easier to achieve. Perhaps weekly or monthly milestones that take you towards your goal, one step at a time. As time passes, you'll see your efforts taking you that step closer.

Sometimes you need extra help in working out how to achieve your goals, or perhaps you need some expertise or an extra pair of hands to achieve these goals. We work with our clients to define the goal and evaluate what we can do to help achieve them, thats time, money and resource effective. On hand when you need us with flexible support marketing and design support from £30.

Good luck in planning for your next business milestone, enjoy the ride... just think where you'll be this time next year!

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